October 11, 2006


Cori Wegener

Just a quick post to draw attention to one of the less-sung heroines of the effort to save Iraq's heritage: Minneapolis Institute of the Arts curator Cori Wegener, who was in Baghdad as a major in the US Army Reserve in the early days of the Iraq War. I had the privelege of meeting her at last year's Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Chicago. I was reminded of her while going through my hiatus backlog and noticing that she gave a lecture (Artdaily.com). Needless to say, she has an interesting story to tell. Minter: "'In regard to the museum, I’m not optimistic. But I am hopeful.' She cites the collection and the staff as her primary reasons for hope. 'But it’s all about stability and their ability to reopen the museum to the public.'" I'd love to hear her thoughts on what has happened since that interview in 2004... Minter: "Even more ambitiously, she wants to establish an international organization of combat conservators." I wonder what became of that great idea?

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(photo courtesy of Corine Wegener)


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