October 18, 2006


Quantifying the interest in IW&A issues again

In regards to my previous post, Dr. Dorothy King was so kind to let me know that the blog search web site Technorati also provides graphs showing the popularity of certain terms in blogs through time, and at the same time does a better job of filtering out spam-blog posts. I was aware of the site but not of the chart capability. Naturally, I felt compelled to give it a try too. Please humor me ;-)

The result again shows the attention the combination of the terms "Iraq" on the one hand and "archa(e)ological," "archa(e)ologist," "archa(e)ology" or "antiquities" on the other hand has received in the so-called blogosphere but this time for the last year, a longer period of time. What is more, Technorati provides a way to limit the posts searched to "blogs with any," "a little," "some" or "a lot of authority." I include the 4 different graphs.

The maximum hits in blogs with the most authority (i.e., most linked to) occurred mid-April 2006 (see 3rd and 4th graphs). This was when the damage to the site of Babylon became known publicly and did indeed cause quite a stir in the mainstream media. It would appear that the 1st graph especially ("blogs with any authority," i.e., all blogs) yields quite "noisy" results that are pretty much useless.

I checked the resulting posts for relevancy. Contrary to BlogPulse, I don't seem to be able to get a list of posts per date. So I looked at both sites' overall list which is organized in chronological sense (most recent first) and inspected the first 20 posts to allow for easy comparison:

• relevant posts: BlogPulse 7 vs. Technorati 11
• irrelevant posts: BlogPulse 13 vs. Technorati 8
• spam-blog posts: BlogPulse 0 vs. Technorati 1

This limited sample does seem to show Technorati as the slightly better choice at least for current blog posts. Funny how this time around, contrary to the test in the previous post, BlogPulse has no spam-blog posts at all! Maybe they've improved their filters? This overall search results list is taken from "blogs with any authority," right?


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