April 11, 2008


Show and sell

Two very good articles just appeared in The Art Newspaper about the open-to-abuse relationship between museums and dealers, this time concerning a particularly egregious case of a major exhibition of modern Chinese art. It was accompanied by serious catalogues (= imprimatur of quality and authenticity) and the whole lot was being arranged for sale while still on exhibit.

Show and sell: Sotheby’s announces auction of Chinese art just two days after museum display. The Estella collection will be sold in Hong Kong this month following exhibitions at leading institutions, by Georgina Adam | 8.4.08 | Issue 190

Museums should beware of being used as marketing tools, by Adrian Ellis | 8.4.08 | Issue 190

This only reminds of similar shenanigans closer to home, i.e., archaeological collections "on loan" at museums but destined for the auction block.


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